Which offers less food calories: Restaurants or Fast Food?

Comparing the energy content of meals being served from a fast food and restaurant has now become the subject of a recent study. When you compare the foods you usually order in some fast food chains or your favorite restaurant to those that you are preparing at your own home, the latter are smaller and have less calories.

The result of this study was based from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals. This organization assessed a large sample of information regarding nutritional intake to produce such result.

And as a result, fast food meals were found to be more energy dense than a sumptuous meal from a table service restaurant. However, fast food meals are offered in a smaller amount as well. Therefore, as compared to any other average meal from a restaurant, the typical fast food meal offers lesser calories.

But then, the long believed issue was changed when restaurants probably reduced their food consumption throughout the end of the day. And this is maybe because of the difference in energy density. In the end, the result may be fast foods offer more calories on the food they serve than those we usually eat in a fancy restaurant.

But in a healthier point of view, both the fast food and restaurant meals though won’t prevent you from eliminating potential toxins from your food. It’s just that you need to control your serving size.