Sunlight and Skin Cancer Facts

As I recall my post in the month of July last year regarding this topic about sunlight that reduces the risk of cancer, now here is a follow article why a proper sun exposure can help in preventing skin cancer.

On Dr. John J. Cannell video, he discusses the benefits of vitamin D and why a safe sun exposure is good for our skin even though we hear a lot of bad things about it. In fact, they found out that a greater sun exposure decreases melanoma occurrence while applying sunscreen can actually increase its occurrence and we don’t even know that.

Therefore, in any way possible, it is a proven fact that the vitamin D that goes directly to the genes in our skin helps in prevention of the types of abnormalities that ultraviolet light causes. And where else can we find the best source of Vitamin D that is for free - only from the sun, of course. And the more we tried to avoid the sun, the more we intend to decrease the supply of Vitamin D to our skin. As a result, we’re missing much of the built-in cancer protection as provided by the sun.

So don’t be afraid and just let yourself be exposed to a high noon sun. Contrary to what we believe in, our skin needs UVB. UVB is what our skin needs and not UVA. UVA is high at morning and evening while UVB is actually high at midday. So don’t think that midday sunlight can cause you cancer because in fact, it helps you increase the amount of Vitamin D in your skin. So it’s better to know the beneficial effect of sun rather than completely ignoring the truth of what really makes us healthy.