Where to Disperse E-Waste?

In a technologically advanced perspective, there is really nothing wrong when high-tech electronics and other well known gadgets are being invented and enhanced. However, there is an unknown dilemma that many people are not aware of. A lot of us were just fascinated with how great a cellular phone looks or how highly advanced a computer specs is. But due to climatic changes and nature phenomenon that are happening nowadays, some of us slowly became aware of those dangerous effects of electronic wastes.

In fact according to this Dr. Joseph Mercola's article, United States is the world’s top producer of e-waste which are actually being dispersed to other developing nations like China , India and Nigeria . It’s just horrifying to know how a beautiful river in China can turn into a toxic sludge due to the electronic wastes being dumped into it. This is the actual result of a broken electronic gadget having no chance to be recycled.

Do you think this is fair for Mother Nature? It’s just so disappointing for other countries to just allow these electronic wastes issues to happen simply because of the money that they can acquire from it.