Improve Your Body and Brain with Proper Exercise

Exercise is one thing we need to have a good health, especially if we are getting older. Exercise helps us:

  • to have a better sleep
  • lose, gain or maintain weight (depends on what we need)
  • Improve our resistance to fight infections
  • Lower the risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Makes us smarter, it helps our brain to work better

To be successful with this exercise you should look for a proper program that you think will suit you and stick to it. It is always useful to have plans or guide on how you will implement your exercise. Below is the list of recommendation by Dr. Joseph Mercola you should remember when exercising.

  • Listen to your body
  • Be consistent
  • Start with walking if you are overweight
  • Increase your intensity regularly
  • Do anaerobic training!
  • Try running
  • Try an elliptical machine
  • Incorporate strength training to optimize your health benefits
  • Exercise correctly to optimize weight loss
  • Swim, but avoid chlorinated pools
  • Try bicycling, but be aware of safety measures
  • Stick with it!

I’m sharing this article especially to those people who are always working and are always stressed. At work you need energy for your brain and body. You need both of this in order to perform well. You need time to unwind or save some time to give your body and brain some exercise and rest. I wish there are companies that give special kind of benefits like giving their employees an exercise program. This will make their employee physically fit and make their brain perform well. This article is on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website with the full explanation. You can read it here -