Symptoms Checker Tool

I am an internet savvy. I’m interested in several topics especially about anime, sports, entertainment, gadgets, PC accessories, health and more. I was surfing the net and do the usual things that I do, look and read articles.

I suddenly came across the MSN site and check the link about health. Then I found an interesting link which is the “Symptom Checker”. I click and tried it because this looks helpful for me.

I want to share it with you because I know, not everyone is using MSN. Mostly, people are using Google, Yahoo or any other widely used search engines. Me, I often use Google. For others, I’m sure some of them are using Yahoo while some uses other search engines. There are several search engines on the internet and most of us didn’t actually know what these search engines can actually provide for us.

You can find the tool here - What you will find in this link is the list of body parts where you can choose any of it. If you click one part of the human body, a menu will appear. And inside that menu is the list of symptoms you might have or sometimes feel. Click any symptoms and you will see the description about it and a question that is answerable by yes or no. If the answer is “no”, just continue reading. If you choose yes, you will find a red, yellow and green square marks on the left. These marks will serve as levels on how serious your illness is.

For me, this tool is like a first aid kit which can prevent any illness or diseases to get you from any serious situation. There are other tools listed here You can check and use the tools that you think you will need. Who knows, these tools might be the one you are exactly looking for to help you have a healthy living?!